Quickwater Marine Pty Ltd


Company Profile
Quickwater Marine Pty Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary company of Environmental Separation Technologies Pty Ltd an Australian company that has acquired the patents to a unique and proprietary, marine bearing protection system. The technology was developed with the assistance of Maritex Bearing Company Pty Ltd, a well-known marine bearing manufacturer, to prevent bearing failure and premature wear problems in the professional and recreational marine industry. During the latter stages of development of the marine application it became clear that the technology also has the ability to easily separate extremely finely dispersed particles from fluids as well as fluids and gas from other fluids. Thus, the technology will have wide ranging industry applications with far broader potential in a range of diverse markets.

To date the technology has been incorporated into a product range to protect marine vessels with water lubricated propeller shafts from premature shaft and bearing failure and Quickwater Marine will exclusively market the marine product range in the Australian and international markets.


In the marine industry there was an opportunity to solve the existing problems of premature bearing and shaft wear (chronic) and unexpected failure (catastrophic). On one hand, sand, silt and coral which normally lie on shallow seabeds can be stirred up by waves, currents or the action of the vessel's propeller and can enter a bearing and cause premature wear. On the other hand rope or line entanglement can lead to catastrophic bearing failure by restricting water flow to the bearing as well as other serious mechanical damage resulting in potentially dangerous loss of vessel propulsion. The solution was:

1)     Develop a 100% effective self-cleaning system to remove abrasive materials from the water and reduce wear thus increasing the effective life of the bearing and maintaining close running clearances to ensure the efficiency of the cutters.

2)     Incorporate a truly efficient rope and long-line cutter that utilises the close running clearances maintained by the sandStopper™© technology.

After a full fishing season's extensive in-service testing involving a number of vessels, including one operating permanently out of Kalbarri, the products have proved their inherent robustness and effectiveness in eliminating rope and line and abrasive particle wear. As a result, the products are judged to be ready for market.

The current product range includes the:

With much appreciated assistance from the Australian Government’s AusIndustry COMET programme Project Quickwater has evolved into a successful product development and coming to market of a completely new marine propulsion protection system [the system].  Specifically, the system can provide significant protection of conventional screw propulsion vessels against expensive premature failure of shafts and bearings due to abrasive particle wear when operating in shallow or turbid water, as well as damage caused by severe water shut-down, associated with rope entanglement.